Monday, December 9, 2013

Celebrating Joseph Pilates 130th Birthday!

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A birthday tribute to the (half-naked) father of Pilates
Tomorrow (Today, Dec 9) would be the 130th birthday of Joseph Hubertus Pilates (1883–1967), whose namesake fitness method, originally called Contrology, is now practiced in thousands of studios around the world.

Vintage Life Magazine articles may document the pioneer in poses, contraptions, and outfits that would make us nervous (or LOL) today, but Pilates was always serious about his practice and the stellar health-promoting benefits that came with it.

Of course, the lineage of Pilates teachers who cite him as an anatomy and movement genius clearly lives on, and his concepts of alignment in daily life and core stability, for instance, have infiltrated the fitness world at large.
To celebrate the often half-dressed, German-born visionary, who lived to the flexible age of 83, we took a closer look at how Joseph Pilates reformed the way we move. (See what we did there?) —Sarah Sarway
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