Monday, January 27, 2020

Just a little THANK YOU to my 2020 Polar Plunge supporters!!

This past Saturday I made my 16th Polar Plunge into White Bear Lake in support of Special Olympics MN, opportunity and inclusion! Here is a little recap of how wonderfully the day went! And an enormous THANK YOU to all that made a pledge in my name! 💞💞💞

The 2020 Crazy Crew for @plungesomn ❤❤❤ We had a total of 8 jumpers yesterday and in whole, after counting offline donations, our crew raised $6,750 to benefit @sominnesota !! And we had SO much fun! I have a full heart after spending my day with a group of friends and strangers all with the purpose of opportunity and inclusion! But let's be honest, it was a downright balmy 35 degrees when we jumped and because of the mild winter we've had we were in pretty shallow water for even me! The water was so shallow that for the very first time I had to purposely put my head under water, and I have no idea what compelled me, I swam as far as I could before coming back up (which was probably about a foot, because the water was still really freaking cold 🤣). The day was as perfect as could be for our plungers and our very important dry land support crew ❤ Thank you for being there, holding our stuff and taking all the pictures ❤ It's also important to remember to be thankful for all of the #plungemn2020 volunteers and first responders. Especially those rescue drivers spending the whole day in the water to keep us safe ❤
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