Monday, August 3, 2020

Monday Motivation! Spine Twist!

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#MondayMotivation­čĺ¬ Long day but no excuses ! Pilates Spine Twist targets the transverse abdominis, the deep pelvic floor, contralateral internal and external obliques and the scapular stabilizers . The goal of this exercise is to maintain stability in the pelvis and shoulder girdle, offsetting or changing the position of legs and or pelvis is a great way to challenge this stability . Maintaining abdominal contraction while using the Pilates breath and breathing pattern of a three count exhale with the twist will maximize stability. In this exercise the spine should remain centered, lengthening with the twist as well as the return to center. Stability throughout from the waist down is essential, meaning, avoid bouncing or jerky movements . Do not underestimate the difficulty of the spine twist as just simply sitting/kneeling in a tall neutral demands strong core activation!! ­čśü Also last call for late summer online mat pilates! We start a new session tomorrow night! Link to sign up in bio ! #MondayMotivation #dopilates #dopilatesyoullfeelbetter #dopilatesanywhere #pilatesspinetwist #zoompilates #StayHome #StayHealthy #StayPositive #StaySafe

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