Thursday, February 13, 2020

Pilates Roll Up

Pose 1:-
*1. Zip and hollow in preparation, and maintain zip and hollow throughout.
i.e. Zip and hollow is a term used by J. Pilates while developing the exercise method Contrology and mean to IMPRINT YOUR SPINE.
*2. Anchor your scapula's, and keep them gently anchored throughout.
*3. Arms long at a diagonal over the head to maintain scapula and rib-cage alignment (Important:- your back must not arch away from the ground.).
Pose 2:-
*1. (Inhaling): bring your arms up.
*2. Toes pointing upwards.
Pose 3:-
*1. (Still inhaling): Tuck your chin to your chest.
*2. (Now exhaling): Roll upward by "wheeling the spine" off the mat.
Pose 4:-
*1. (Still exhaling): roll forward until head comes close to the legs.

*remember elbows and knees do not flex.*

*A Pilates exercise (the roll up) which is great for strengthening your abdominals and hip flexors. The full version is said to be more effective than doing 6 simultaneous sit ups. Follow the Pilates roll up and enjoy stronger and more flexible muscles.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Don't get towed! Minneapolis is on DAY 2 Snow Emergency!

Day 2
Do NOT park on the EVEN side of Non-Snow Emergency Routes! (or on either side of a parkway!)

Do Pilates ANYWHERE! *Mindful Mondays!* Get down on the ground and DO PILATES !!

One the the really cool benefits of practicing mat Pilates is the fact that you really can do it anywhere! Albeit we can, and often do, use props it is not a requirement to do any mat Pilates exercises! So get down on the ground and DO PILATES !!
Yesterday was a doozy snowfall and I hope everyone had their Pilates principles in the back of their mind as they were moving the heavy snow. Utilizing what we have learned in Pilates will not only help you use more of your center and less of your limbs to lift and move heavy snow but it will help to PROTECT your spine, back, neck and shoulder from injury!
Not only was yesterday a big snowfall but it was a gorgeous day to be outside! Blue skies, sunshine and ❄❅❆ 10 PILATES SNOW TEASERS + 10 LEG LIFTS ❆❅❄ on the last one!
For my Pilates 2 students this is something we will be working on every class! For Pilates 1 students, we will continue to strengthen our powerhouse getting ready to make these bigger moves!

**A little self critique - as I watch this video I feel pretty good about moving smoothly through my first 9 Teasers, especially with heavy snow boots (covered in snow) on, using my powerhouse to lift instead of using momentum and just flinging my body up or falling back down. Also I feel good about keeping my arms, shoulders and rib cage in alignment- this is an important feature that can easily be lost on tougher moves. HOWEVER on my last Teaser it is clear I am getting fatigued as I was having a bit of a hard time keeping my torso as stable as I would have preferred, or even as stable as I felt I had been. Self critique is important as we are all practicing Pilates, always learning and always improving!